Aaliyah gets tropicalized postmortem

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You probably saw a bunch of your Facebook friends posting “R.I.P. Aaliyah” yesterday, on the ninth anniversary of her tragic death. And now you’re probably wondering “You guys, too? Do you really care about this girl’s music?”

Well, to be honest, nope. But amongst all those tributes, we found this: Tropicaaliyah. It’s a four-track remix EP done by Brooklynite DJ Still Life, mashing up the vocals of the R&B Princess (also from Brooklyn) with tropical bass beats, and let me tell you, I like some of these versions a lot more than the originals with the Timbaland beats (remember back then when Timbaland was a visionary, cutting edge producer?).

My personal favorite, “Try Otra Vez,” (download it for FREE!) is an impeccable cumbia remix (of “Try Again,” duh!) that I can’t wait to mix in my sets. The rest are pretty good too and they’re free, so even if you never cared about commercial, radio-friendly R&B for pre-pubescent girls, you might enjoy this one.

Download “Try Otra Vez,” DJ Still Life’s much much better “Try Again.” And head to Bandcamp to download the entire Tropicaaliyah EP for FREE.