ICYMI: Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys Remixes Ratking’s "Canal"

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Canal, the punchy, raw single off of Ratking’s debut album So It Goes, gets a toned-down remix by the Beastie Boy’s producer Ad-Rock. Sporting Life’s original maximalist production is gone to make space for this haunting, minimalist instrumental, leaving only Wiki’s now-infamous bars to stand on their own.

Ratking is one of today’s leading hip hop groups, filling a void in the heart of the industry with Wiki and Hak’s contrasting flows and Sporting Life’s avant-garde production style. Getting the remix treatment from the producer of another larger than life NYC trio makes total sense, but this remix is definitely an inverted take that doesn’t stack up to the original.

[insert-video youtube=SPl7-DKrZN4]