People Are Accusing Adele’s “A Million Years” of Plagiarizing Shakira

Lead Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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Since November, Adele has been riding a wave of success. Her record-breaking 25 has been a preview of what’s in store for Adele in 2016. But she may hit a speed bump along the way. Spanish-language media is reporting that Adele may have plagiarized Shakira. El Universal notes that Adele’s “Million Years Ago,” sounds similar to Shakira’s “Hay amores,” which was released in 2007 for Love in the Time of Cholera.

Check out the two songs below and decide for yourself:

People are already getting ahead of themselves and talking about how Shakira may sue Adele, but no one has taken any action so far.

Besides, Shakira may not be the only who can claim she was ripped off. Some think Adele’s song sounds similar to Kurdish artists Ahmet Kaya’s “Acilara Tutunmak.”

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