Free Download: Adri Vainilla – "Te Creo (Bocanegra Remix)"

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Alternative experimental popstar Adri Vainilla has been remixed by the magic touch of the creative and dynamic industrial rock band, Bocanegra. Vainilla and Bocanegra are both natives of Lima, Peru and teamed up to design a new version of Adri Vainilla’s already fantastic track, “Te Creo.”

The Bocanegra remix version of “Te Creo” is a heavy industrial experimental track that can easily remind you of the unique talent of Bjork. Vainilla’s vocals are unsullied in this remix as her voice sounds as sweet and smooth as vanilla.

Bocanegra’s talents as producers and remixers are highlighted with “Te Creo.” The song is powerful and musically effective, but not overwhelming to your ears or tasteful musical sensibilities.

[audio-player aws_file=”Adri Vainilla-Te Creo (Bocanegra Mix).mp3″ aws_name=”Adri Vainilla – Te Creo (Bocanegra remix)”]