Video: Adrianigual – "Bang Bang Bang"

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Oh wow. Sometimes you really need to listen to a track five times to let it really sink in. My initial reaction to this video was a little womp womp. The visuals rode on the coat tales of homemade faux-avant listlessness and banner platitudes. And the music, didn’t necessarily stand out to me at all. The simple-rap wine in the vocals kind of took me to the ’90s without making me bounce. But, then I plugged in the headphones and really studied what was going on here. Turns out the track is about counter-cultural aesthetics and the modern grind of being an artist in a commercial world. Definitely things I can relate to, which suddenly made more and more sense with the montage-mingled clips of technicolor performance. I’m glad I didn’t write this one off too quickly, despite my Chilean-fatigue. Adrianigual is making a comeback, and they’re rapping their way into my lexicon, and how.

[insert-video vimeo=38796655]

Download Adrianigual’s latest album Éxito Mundial below: