Afro-Latino Festival Returns This Summer With a Tribute to Fania Legend Ismael Rivera

Lead Photo: Photo by Redens Desrosiers. Courtesy of Afro Latino Fest
Photo by Redens Desrosiers. Courtesy of Afro Latino Fest
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Summer festival lineups keep popping up at this time of the year, and it’s the Afro-Latino Festival’s turn to reveal its program focused on black excellence. The famed fest put the spotlight on Afro-Colombian music and culture in 2018, and this year, organizers will continue to pursue their goal of highlighting and celebrating the creative work of Latin American and Caribbean people of African descent.

The 2019 Afro-Latino Festival lineup is headlined by José Alberto “El Canario,” one of the biggest salsa artists to come out of the Dominican Republic. Joining the “Discúlpeme Señora” and ”Sueño Contigo” singer are Felipe Luciano, Nina Vicious, and Bobbito García, who are set to perform a well-deserved tribute to Fania legend Ismael Rivera and the late songwriter Tite Curet Alonso.

Other names include 1970s Afro-Panamanian band The Beachers, Kansas City rock quartet Making Movies, Papi Juice co-founder Oscar Nñ, Atlanta-based Panamanian singer-producer Nino Augustine, young entrepreneurs-cum-DJs Coco+Breezy, Miami’s Ashley Venom, and many more, all of them spread out between the Albee Square stage and a late-night stage to keep the party going.

Check out the full lineup below and stay tuned for more future details.

Afro-Latino Festival takes place on July 12-13, 2019 at Albee Square, Brooklyn. Head over to the festival’s official website to get your tickets.