Free Download: Agujita & Su Combo's "ReDo Volumen Dos"

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Just by looking at the cover of Agujita y Su Combo’s digital release, I knew I was going to like it. Not that the design is so aesthetically superb (actually, quite the opposite), but it combines two of my favorite things in this world: my passion for collecting vinyl records and home-made porn! Ok, it’s not really porn, but you can’t deny it feels like an early picture of a longer set of do-it-yourself-get-your-girlfriend-to-strip-in-front-of-your-digital-camera type photo shoot.

Anyway, perversions aside, I really ended up liking Agujita, who’s actually the producing alter ego of Boricua graffiti artist Dr. Ogral. I mean, I like his girlfriend, too (I’m guessing she’s the combo in Agujita & Su Combo), but I’m really feeling a connection with his vinyl obsession. He set out to do a collection of seven releases (this is the second volume) with 12 tracks each, and all of them rounding out to either 33.5 or 45 minutes of play time (if you know vinyl, you get the maniacal numerology there).

These are all unofficial remixes and mashups (or, more accurately, blends) he put together with some hip-hop acapellas (there’s also a track by Nirvana, but it’s more the exception than the rule), and we are talking true hip-hop for connoisseurs here, none of the crap they play on the radios nowadays, presumably all taken from vinyl records. Keep ’em coming Agujita!

Hit up Agujita & Su Combo’s BandCamp to download ReDo Volumen Dos. Listen to three choice tracks below.

Agujita & Su Combo – Lyrics Born – “I’m Just Raw”

Agujita & Su Combo – Kanye West feat Talib Kweli & Common – “Get Em High”

Agujita & Su Combo – Rotoscopio – “Discurso”