Music Trumps Walls at Mexico City’s Aldea PLOP Radio Festival

Lead Photo: Algodón Egipcio. Photo by Alexander Hung
Algodón Egipcio. Photo by Alexander Hung
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Update, 03/01/2017Aldea PLOP Radio has been postponed until June 3, 2017 due to the health issues of one of the festival organizers. For more information and to request a refund, click here.

Every day of Trump’s administration, we’ve heard “us vs. them” rhetoric from high-ranking officials. Decisions are made to keep “others” at bay, and diplomatic tension is now commonplace. Nationalism has become bolder, spreading far and wide from The White House down to very vocal conservative factions in the U.S., Europe, and beyond.

2016 ended on a dark note, and 2017 has kept the world alert and ready to take action. Independent artists have been actively working towards a brighter, more inclusive, and peaceful future for people across borders, and now it’s Mexico’s turn to demonstrate goodwill and joyful defiance.

ALDEA PLOP Radio is a day-long music festival showcasing artists from many countries – mostly Latinxs – to celebrate great music. The event is a challenge to the perceived differences between artists from across Latin America and the U.S. There are acts from Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica, as well as the U.S. and Mexico. Remezcla favorites like Alex Anwandter, Algodón Egipcio, and Las Robertas will provide the soundtrack.

ALDEA is not your average festival. To expand accessibility, the fest is designed as an all-ages event where no alcohol will be served. Attendees are encouraged to bring a basket of fresh fruit and beverages, as well as frisbees and whatever else they need to enjoy the afternoon. There will be a few food trucks in case someone forgets to pack a sandwich. At 150 pesos, pre-show tickets are a steal.

Though music can’t literally tear down walls, events like these bring together people across borders in powerful ways.

ALDEA goes down Saturday, March 4 at Deportivo Lomas Altas in Mexico City. Check out the lineup and enter to win tickets below.