Video: Alejandro & María Laura – “Por” (Luis Alberto Spinetta cover)

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Alejandro & María Laura have been known for their cover-started career. The Peruvian duo kicked off their haphazard rumblings to fame in a ski resort in Sunny Valley, Idaho singing tributes and translations of Disney songs as well as covers by The Who and The Beach Boys for the locals. After defining their style and music, they wowed about a year ago with a spectacular and sincere video for “Estos Días,” and since then, we haven’t heard too much from them. It looks like they’ve been going back to their roots with their coy rendition of The Beatles’ “This Boy” featuring Javier Barría. For their latest homage, they’ve focused on Argentine phenomenon, the grand daddy of Latin American rock, Luis Alberto Spinetta, better known for his work with the bands Almendra and Pescado Rabioso. Spinetta definitely left his mark on the world, and it’s no surprise with his death in early 2012, that Alejandro & María Laura would cover one of his best, “Por.”

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