Alerta: Juan Son's Aeiou debutes the otherworldly Space Hymns!

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The first time I became an avid Juan Son fan was when Juan’s former Guadalajara-based alt-rock band Porter opened up for The Strokes in La Plaza de los Deportes back in 2006. The flamboyant wispy-voiced frontman, as spontaneous as he is, appeared donning an ice cream suit while he danced pseudo-drunkenly around his mic stand. I seriously got some sorta sugar high from watching him, or maybe it was the clouds of herb puffing in all directions. But according to our social media twit, Joel from Remezcla claims that young Juanito (aka Juan Carlos Pereda) ate a lot of ice cream and was therefore a fat kid. Years of retained sugar or not, we don’t care because this guy’s overall outlandish persona is a rhapsody.

To our sweet delight, Juan Son along with Blonde Redhead’s Italian drummer Simone Pace, who previously produced Juan’s solo debut Mermaid Sashimi, make up the all-vowel Brooklyn-based duo Aeiou (read more about it here). Talk about a medley music amalgamation. What’s more, Aeiou just released the all-English debut Space Hymns, first in Mexico’s iTunes Store and Mixup, and now available to purchase and stream in the duo’s bandcamp page. Now you don’t have to rush to your friends in Mexico to ship you a copy of the album. Still, don’t wait any longer to check out the oddball’s fantastic duo by clicking on the album artwork below!