Listen: Alex & Daniel – "Mundo Real"

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Somewhere in between real world woes and the frustrations of a pop-star life, Chile’s Gepe and Alex Anwandter decided they needed to do a duet. While it’s obvious neither of their production team would let them sing a very direct homoerotic love song, we’ll have to settle with this ambiguously catchy ditty. Their fortuitous collaboration is destined to make a hit, but seriously, someone help me decipher these lyrics. Repetitions aside, Daniel (aka Gepe) says “calla” like fifteen times. Okay, maybe they could have tried a little harder on the lyrics, but that doesn’t stop this track from already being proclaimed as the pairing of a a life-time.

In my humble opinion, and even lesser prowess as a translator), I think the two dapper dudes are consoling each other on the hard facts of life: cheating, crying, and other inevitable discomforts (like watching your lover talk with his or her mouth full). All oddities aside, the music saves it for me. For the last stretch of the song, that final minute and forty seconds, something magical happens as Gepe speaks his ultimate refrain and Anwandter howls his last bit. The song pumps a couple disco-infused warbles, and pow.