Alex & Daniel Release Their Self-titled Debut

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Alex Anwandter and Gepe (Daniel) are the two reigning princes of Chilean Pop, and it just so happens that they are pretty good friends. Fortunately for us, it was a natural process for them to release an album together. After getting us all hyped up with the release of their first single, “Mundo Real“, it was about time they dropped this gem.

The self-titled album is eight disco-infused pop songs that range from clap-heavy synth explosions to 90s sounding ballads. Alex Andwanter produced all eight songs, while collaborating with Gepe in the songwriting and composing. Their debut will be released sometime this year in the USA, but the good folks over at Quemasucabeza are streaming it for the world to hear.

Check out another pop masterpiece hailing from Chile, courtesy of Alex & Daniel, below!