Video: Algodón Egipcio – "La Transformación"

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Experimental dream pop artist, Algodón Egipcio has released a bazaar and imaginative music video to showcase his new single, La Transformación.

Egipcio uses amazing trick videography to replace his own head’s image with the head of a dog. It seems as though the dog-headed psych artist is playing the role of a musician for hire at a birthday party. The entire vibe of the music video, directed and produced by MOSTRO Contenidos, is very “Flaming Lips” when it comes to the minimalism, and the strange concept.

This song sounds very much like a Latin version of any Animal Collective track you can dig up, and it’s very atmospheric and well produced. Algodón Egipcio takes experimental minimalism and dream pop to a tasteful place with “La Tranformation.” Enjoy!

[insert-video vimeo=40876253]