Free Download: Algodón Egipcio's "Los Asuntos Pendientes"

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Algodón Egipcio, a.k.a. Cheky of duo Jóvenes y Sexys, is on the verge of releasing his solo debut, the already justifiably touted La Lucha Constante (out March 22nd on Lefse Records). We heard some demos back in 2010, “El Sonido Ensordecedor” and “El Ingenio Humano” (grammar note: he clearly has a thing for artículos), and we’ve been waiting patiently for a solo dose of Cheky’s smooth vocals, dripped over dreamy loops.

Los Asuntos Pendientes” (download below!) is no exception, creating a chill, almost cosmic sphere of sound that slowly but aggressively permeates and then washes out after only 2 minutes and 16 seconds, a nice teaser pre album drop. The song starts with Cheky muttering “Tengo tanto que aprender, no sé por donde empezar,” and you definitely hear that semi maddening, dreamy REM stage quality in the track. I’m curious to see what Cheky’s dreams look and sound like. I have a feeling they’re very similar to La Lucha Constante. But hey, I ain’t no Freud.

Download Algodón Egipcio’s “Los Asuntos Pendientes” for some R&R.