Video: Algodón Egipcio – "Los Temas Turbios"

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Chilled out vocals against even mellower melodies makes for a pleasant ride into the desert on Algodón Egipcios latest video for “Los Temas Turbios” (The Murky Issues). Telling the story of 1960’s vintage film montaged by Broken Machine Films using stock images in Nevada, this clip is captivating and coy. The borrowed nostalgia running rampant in the indie circle hasn’t quite gotten stale yet, and we appreciate this Venezuelan singer’s rendition on Americana for all its simplicity and distance. Algodón came out of a dust storm apparently, with this his first release, La Lucha Constante. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from this enigmatic character, with his soft poof tracks and kinder chorus calls. In the meantime he’s keeping busy with his forthcoming 7” accompanied by Spanish band El Faro on 02/02 via Acuarela/Club Social/Yoyó Industrias. Touring Spain this February, he’ll also be hitting the states soon enough. We look forward to some live action pronto.

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