Free Download: Ceci Bastida's "Más y Más" (Algodón Egipcio Remix)

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Today’s a big day for Venezuelan noise producer Cheky, a.k.a. Algodón Egipcio. His solo debut La Lucha Constante is finally out today in the U.S. (on Lefse Records and digitally on Amazon and iTunes). It’s already one of our favorites of the year so far, an anomaly among the electro-lo-fi work out there. There’s a warmth and joy to the album among its initially gloomy sound. All 10 tracks have their own lives, yet somehow the album feels like a fully cohesive machine. He definitely lives in a world of machinery, but in the opening track, “El Día Previo,” he adds an Afro-trop flavor with the guitars, so in the end it somehow feels like a world of Latin machinery.

We’ve featured “El Sonido Ensordecedor” and “Los Asuntos Pendientes” as freebies before, but now you can actually buy the album and support what the man is doing. But we DO have a freebie for you, a just-released remix he did for Ceci Bastida’s Veo la Marea track, “Más y Más.” Maybe he chose the track because in it Ceci sings “y ese sonido ensordecedor lo siento aquí.” Hmm. Somehow he made the song into an even more hollow-sounding, sexy slow burner, bringing in a little bit more chaos into her world.

Buy Algodón Egipcio’s La Lucha Constante today and download his remix for Ceci Bastida’s “Más y Más” below.