Video: Alika – "Jengibre"

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Some of you may remember her from the mid ’90s, when she was one half of the Argentine female rapping duo Actitud María Marta and got quite a lot of airplay on MTV. Well since then, the Uruguayan-born femcee hasn’t really stopped. After breaking up from Actitud in 1999, she has been successfully navigating her solo career more focused on reggae music and its derivates (even some cumbia).

Alika‘s new single takes her back to her hip-hop roots, dropping her conscious rhymes on point over a delicious hard hitting beat. But it’s the video what makes this track an irresistible delight to the senses. Entirely shot in the northern Argentine state of Jujuy, right next to Bolivia, the video looks almost extraterrestrial at times, with bikers wearing ponchos doing air tricks in the desolate salt desert and b-boys spinning near Inca-influenced ruins. There’s even a glimpse of Alika feeding a llama!

Since Soda Stereo‘s “Cuando Pase El Temblor,” nobody has been able to make the Argentine extreme north look so amazingly cool on video.

[insert-video youtube=9Lh25OQpd1k]