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Dominican band Aljadaqui’s show at SOB’s on that chilly 20th of December was worth going out and facing the cold. The night started off mellow and chill, with the opening band Latin Pie Hats, followed by a great performance by New Jersey’s own Nuve, which got the crowd rocking. Then Aljadaqui tore it up. Their performance was an energizing one, with even a couple of special appearances such as Fragancia from “DLG”, (you know him…”Juliana que mala eres. Que mala eres Juliana.”) and Little Jonny, the percussionist who has played with legendary artists such as Celia Cruz, Jonny Pacheco, Tito Puente, joined the show to make everyone’s ears rejoice. Last but not least was lead singer Mariano’s Dad, who joined and showed everyone that old guys can Rock, and Rock Hard.