All My Friends Music Festival 2012 Lineup

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A hefty load of today’s most brightest and talented indie music gems are set to showcase in Tijuana’s anticipated annual event: All My Friends Music Festival 2012. Initiating three years as something more like a house party, this year sparks even higher buzz with a lineup that has your grin touching the tip of your earlobes, and you can’t resist it, as much as you listlessly wanna tap your feet to remain cool. Over thirty bands all over Mexico, the U.S., and throughout Latin America (or descending from) prep to continue redefining that culturally hybrid city, aka Tijuana, MX, and this happens on November 17th, at Casa de la Cultura. Featured bands include TJ’s ruidosón pioneers María y José and Los Macuanos, Ecuadorian Brooklynite Helado Negro, Cali’s neo-psych Crystal Antlers, indie goth songstress Chelsea Wolfe, Guadalajara’s drone pop’s Lorelle meets The Obsolete, and a whole lot more. It isn’t dubbed the most important and relevant emerging music festival of the North West of Mexico for no reason, folks. If you haven’t done so already, check out the flyer and teaser video below, and I’ll see ya at the oddest and coolest place on earth with all our friends, of course.

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