Amara La Negra has busted her way into all of our hearts on this season of Love & Hip Hop, and now she has one more confirmed enthusiast to add to her fan army: R&B singer Kehlani.

It seems Kehlani has been watching the show and loving what she sees as much as we do. Last week, she did an Instagram Live session and during it, Amara left a comment calling her “so cute.” Kehlani then shouted Amara out at length and gushed about her talent, her passion, and her awesome turn on the reality show.

“I fucking love you. I’ve been watching Love & Hip Hop for a very long time and I’m, like, a super fanatic of the show, but you surpass everything about this show. You are the show for me, and you’re just incredible and your attitude is amazing and what you stand for is amazing and you can sing your ass off,” Kehlani told her.

Amara quickly reposted the clip onto her Instagram. “To hear her talk like that about me it really made my day! She is so talented and amazing thank you sooo much for your words and for checking me out!” Amara wrote.

The moment was beyond sweet, and we love the display of sisterhood and support between these two artists. Kehalni, an openly bisexual woman, has been a vocal defender of women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and art by people of color and Amara, meanwhile, has become a proud champion fighting for Afro-Latina representation in music. Once the video went up, fans also started commenting about how great it would be to get a collaboration between the two. We’ll cross our fingers — we’d love to hear what music these two powerhouses and incredible talents would create.