Free Download: América Sierra – "Porque el Amor Manda" (prod. by 3Ball MTY)

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Porque el Amor Manda” is a convivial smash telenovela hit soundtrack from América Sierra produced by Erick Rincon of 3Ball MTY and it features my favorite sound in electronic music halfway through, the perennial neon GROAN TUBES! A catchy beat that never falters, a pretty face singing, a child dancing, all surrounded by awkward clapping and dancing yuppies in suits. What more could you want? It’s pop music.

It may be devoid of any sort of allegory, but that’s usually what a good fun pop song means. It’s not going for that. It’s here to put a smile on your face and maybe make you shake your booty like the aforementioned awkward old dudes in suits. Wasn’t this on The Hangover 2 soundtrack? No, No? Oh…okay.