Video: Ana Tijoux's "Elefant"

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It’s funny, when I first met Ana Tijoux (back then still Anita) 11 years ago, she didn’t like to pose for the camera and she felt annoyed by my insistence on taking lots of pictures of her. She nicknamed me “Paparazzi” (mind you, this was waaaay before Lady Gaga ever muttered that word, so I didn’t take it as an offense). Now I wonder what she calls this Casey brothers director duo!

Back during her last visit to Los Angeles to attend the Grammys, Miss Tijoux was approached by these two guys, Jon and Forest Casey, who took like a gazillion photos of her, and then, volunteered to turn them into an animated collage video to go with her Elefant mixtape. The result is nothing short of mesmerizing. Turns out the stop-motion effect generated by the sequencing of pictures works out great with Ana’s staccato flow, accentuated by DJ Dacel’s backspinning and beat juggling techniques applied to her vocals. And look how comfortable she looks now in front of the lens!

If you still haven’t downloaded Ana Tijoux’s Elefant, it’s FREE, available on her own site. While it downloads, watch the video below.