Video: Ana Tijoux – "Sacar La Voz" ft. Jorge Drexler

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Ana Tijoux has gotten deeply involved in the social movements that are happening right now in Chile, with all the marches and protests of students claiming for free education and mapuches defending their land. Her latest album La Bala is more focused on political activism than any other of her works since Makiza‘s debut in the late ’90s.

On La Bala‘s second single, “Sacar La Voz,” the French-Chilean poetess keeps up with that main theme, like in the previous, “Shock.” But while in that one she was pointing fingers, accusing the government and corporations of all their evil deeds, in this one instead she’s asking us to raise our voices, speak out, don’t surrender to the oppressor. And instead of the imperial-march-like beat that encouraged listeners to join the picketing, this time she get all introspective and invites us to do so too.

Now the lyrics are not explicitly combative and in no point do they openly refer to socio-political issues. “Sacar La Voz” could be interpreted in many ways, she could be talking about breaking with the cycle of an oppressive relationship. It’s the images chosen for the video (that she co-directed) that put those words in the social struggle context and give them this new meaning.

The song includes the guest appearance of Uruguayan singer-songwriter and wordsmith Jorge Drexler, who drops a verse at the end but unfortunately doesn’t appear on the video. Instead we get to see Ana’s crew and friends with their faces covered with bandanas as if they were expecting the riot police tear-gas grenades to hit any moment, but instead of waiting for the fight they are expressing themselves through art, music and dance. Well done, Ana!

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