Exclusive Free Track: Ana Tijoux's "Shock" (Captain Planet Remix)

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I’ve always said it, we need more remixes of Ana Tijoux. And I’m talking up-beat dancefloor-oriented remixes. We all love her introspective, intelligent rhymes and her smooth flow, but we also like dancing (or in my case, making people dance) and Mademoiselle Tijoux hasn’t dropped a dance song since her solo debut with Kaos in 2007.

There’s been a few good remixes of Ana’s joints bouncing around the internet, Latin Bitman cumbia remix of “Insomnio” comes to mind. But nothing compares to this new remix by LA’s global-beat connoisseur Captain Planet, that you get here as an exclusive free download. This is the kind of Ana Tijoux remixes we desperately need to ignite the dancefloor!

Captain Planet got a hold of “Shock’s” a capella track and completely ignoring the original Imperial March-like instrumental, mashed up those vocals over some crazy up-tempo, African beat turning it into something completely different. Who would’ve thought of such a random matching? I mean, who else but Captain Planet?

Note to Nacional Records: get a handful of remixes like this one, press them on vinyl, DJ’s all over the world will be thankful.