Video: Ana Tijoux Shocks Arizona

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Ana Tijoux is no strange to the immigrant experience. Being born and raised in France of Chilean political exiles, she has covered many times in her lyrics the issues of growing up abroad and feeling like a foreigner in her own land, something many Latinos here in the US can definitely relate to.

Maybe that’s why during her recent visit to the US, she was approached by NDLON (National Day Laborer Organizing Network) to do this video in support of the immigrant rights movement and protesting the controversial Arizona SB1070 law. The video follows the one done not too long ago by Manu Chao, another well known advocate of the global migrants who, coincidentally, was also born in France.

Here we see Ana doing a new acoustic version of her protest anthem “Shock,” similar to the one she did last year on a Chilean TV show but with the addition of DJ Dacel on the cajón percussion. Even though the song deals with very specific issues concerning the Chilean student’s struggle that peaked last year, the spirit is there and it translates perfectly to the struggle of the Dream Act activists, the #yosoy132 protestors in Mexico, the 99 percenters worldwide, etc.

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