Astro Goes on Hiatus After Singer Andrés Nusser Leaves the Band

Lead Photo: Photo by Gabriel Schkolnick
Photo by Gabriel Schkolnick
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Astro, one of the most well-known bands in Santiago de Chile’s fertile indie scene, will go on hiatus after lead singer Andrés Nusser announced his departure from the band in Chile’s Revista Paula.

Nusser told Paula that he felt unsatisfied with the band’s music since the release of their second album Chicos de La Luz in 2015. In the same interview, he revealed that he’s looking forward to building a solo career of stripped down material that “works on its own, without so much production.” He has been writing music on the piano, an instrument with which he recently got reacquainted. He also attributed the band’s break-up to much of the criticism fans and writers aimed at them in the past couple of years.

Over the course of seven years, Astro built an international career from their keen melodic sensibilities and fearless experimentation, something that made them favorites on contemporary Latin American stages. The band will finish their scheduled Mexican tour before splitting up, but Nusser noted that the door might be open for a reunion.

The band also posted a farewell message on their Facebook page:

Watch Astro’s newest video for “Warrior” here:

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