When life gives you lemon you make lemon bars. When life gives you milk, you throw it back. Anuel AA, who you may know as Karol G’s fiancée, did not get the memo. Three up-and-coming rappers may soon benefit from that. Luckily for all, the best (or at the very least most fun) remix of the month may be the end result of this unfortunate series of events.

In “La Bebé,” Dominican rappers Secreto El Famoso Biberon, Black Jonas Point and Liro Shaq, give an alarming amount of milk innuendos.

“Ella es una bebé… una bebe leche,” Secreto el Famoso sings at one point.

The song may at first feel (and sound) like a parody track, but it is very real. In another verse, Black Jonas Point sings “Wow… pow, pow, pow” in reference to what goes down between him and his promiscuous lover. I imagine that was the precise moment Anuel knew he absolutely needed to jump on the track.

After Anuel clowned the track via social media, “La Bebe” began to take off, so he came back with this proposition: “500,000 comments and on my mother, I will remix this,” he promised in a video sporting a fur jacket that reminds me of the rainbow icees a sweet doña used to sell at my pre-school.

It’s safe to say Anuel did not think this would backfire. His last handful of posts prior to the aforementioned have an average of 13.8K comments, with his official wedding announcement taking home the cake. But, it turns out people love mess.

Folks like Alex Sensation were quick to further encourage the bizarre link up. Meanwhile, other people were evidently eager for the “Ella Quiere Beber” singer to jump on the track and took up the task of commenting hundreds of times over the last two days.

The post is far beyond the required 500,000 comments. He now has to remix it, por ley.