Anitta Ascends to Pop Royalty With Goth-Inspired ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Music Video

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Courtesy of the artist.
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The buzz around Brazilian global popstar Anitta is incredible. It is a mutual commitment from both the artist and her devoted fanbase, especially since Anitta continuously delivers banger after banger, like her newest high-energy, English-language bubblegum pop “Boys Don’t Cry” released today Jan. 28. 

Anitta is known to be unapologetic and empowering – two of the main characteristics that make her the “it” girl from Brazil. From being one of the most-tweeted-about singers last year to playing the massive Coachella this year, it is with no hesitation that Anitta is leaving her mark. Starting off with the video’s text that gives Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” zombie horror-movie vibes, Anitta immediately sends the viewer to a goth-inspired unrequited love story. 

“It drives you crazy, trying to tamе me/ But nobody’s taking control over me,” Anitta teases in the pre-chorus, giving you a flirty melody that will surely be one of this year’s first pop hits. 

Anitta is serving looks as she escapes multiple relationships as different personas throughout the video clip. From pairing her eccentric tiered red dress with edgy spiky bangs that were inspired by Beetlejuice’s Lydia Deetz to her Bettie bangs and orange-red hair that gave a nod to Resident Evil’s Leeloo – the pop girl is checking off all the pop star elements and references that we all obsess over.

After anticipating and counting down the days for this premiere, her fans have been all over social media expressing their excitement. 

Another Twitter user commented: “You can see that Anitta managed to convey all her artistic essence, all her work in boys don’t cry, it was something she always wanted in her international career.”

Others are already declaring it a certified bop: “Boys Don’t Cry by Anitta sounds like a bop omfg.”

With all that said, it is no shock that the “Boys Don’t Cry” music video has already surpassed two million Youtube streams – and it hasn’t even been 24-hours since the premiere. Yup, that’s Anitta for you.

Check out “Boys Don’t Cry” below.