Free MP3: Antifaz' "Onda" and "Azuquitar"

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Mexican producer¬†Gustavo Naranjo (aka G-Flux) and guitarist/vocalist Chet Samuel combine on Antifaz for some of the smoothest, electro latin-jazz on the planet. All you jive-turkey fellow groove grinders will love the sultry soul and subtly-placid rhymes on these free downloads. Naranjo adds quality production and Samuel’s vocals kill it. These tracks, though lulling, still add sufficient creativity to a tireless genre of funked out tropical love. The natural flow of these make for an elemental delight. A sonic treat, these two make for more of an easy dive into a convenient Puerto Rican meets West Indies melding with Samuel’s sufficiently swaggering sonars. While the rest of Latin America is revving things up with dub and house on acid, these throwback vinyl voyeurs are keeping it old school.