Video: Antoine Reverb – "You As A Fish"

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Guadalajara’s psych pop band Antoine Reverb taunts, but mostly teases with a stirring-of-mixed-emotions music video. Estranged masked characters lie in the centerfold of this clip: two ladies who somehow are queerly bound to be tied together, pulled by their long hair, are soon to enter a realm of eternal psychedelic imagery of sacred animals. Well, more or less; interpret it as the eye of the beholder, that’s the beauty. “You As A fish” was featured as our intro track in our SXSW free compilation a few months back in courtesy of Arts&Crafts, MX; a track off their stellar and latest album Everything Is A Foreign Language To Me. Enjoy the video:

[insert-video youtube=VPfNl6wtIzg]

Download Antoine Reverb’s Everything Is A Foreign Language To Me below: