Anuel AA Apologizes for Homophobic Diss Track: “This Has Been My Biggest Mistake”

Lead Photo: Still from 'Anuel AA on Latin Trap’s Crossover: Why Would I Rap in English If I Shine in Spanish?'
Still from 'Anuel AA on Latin Trap’s Crossover: Why Would I Rap in English If I Shine in Spanish?'
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In a record turnaround, Puerto Rican trap star Anuel AA has released a five and a half minute-long video in which he apologizes for the controversial diss track “Intocable,” which dropped only two days ago.

Anuel received almost universal backlash for the track’s homophobic and misogynistic lyrics, and other lines that some took as shots against citizens who lost their homes during Hurricane María. So intense was the outcry that his upcoming October concert was summarily canceled by its own promoters, who quickly filtered a press release distancing themselves from the artist.

“Right now in my career, this [song] has been my biggest mistake, worse than when I was in prison,” a subdued Anuel says less than a minute into the video. He claims early on that the song was not meant to be released in its current form, since as he puts it, “I recorded it while frustrated and filled with hatred” – presumably towards fellow rapper Cosculluela, who was the intended target of the song. “I didn’t think of the consequences it would bring,” he admits nervously in the video.

Anuel AA specifically mentions Noris Diaz, also known as La Taína, who is a well-known TV host and was a model in the 90s. In 2011, Díaz announced she was HIV positive, and in the song Anuel disparages her offhandedly and refers to her as a “pig” because of her illness. “I would never humiliate a woman, much less a woman with AIDS, or a man with AIDS either,” he shares at one point while saying he sympathizes with those suffering from the condition.

On “Intocable,” Anuel claims Cosculluela is closeted and implies queerness is something to be ashamed of. The Puerto Rican rapper expressed regret and asked for forgiveness from the LGBTQ community for what he acknowledged were “offensive” lyrics. “I have nothing against [gay people]…there are [gay] millionaires, and [gay] politicians, and [queerness] is accepted…I am not homophobic,” Anuel stresses.

He ends the video pleading for forgiveness from his fans and the public, saying in a remorseful tone, “With all my heart, I never intended to offend anyone…I made a mistake, and from mistakes we learn and become better people.”

Cosculluela has not replied to “Intocable” or the apology video as of this writing. Watch the video below, and read our full breakdown of the beef here.