Free Downloads: More Apache O'Raspi!

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More Apache! Like we reported before, Suave as Hell’s Apache O’Raspi is in the process of handing over his solo debut, Not Phony (our in March). We already heard the solid “Junto a ti” and “Come up again,” great hints at what lies beneath, and now we have “Hostal Simplex (de pared a pared)” and “Guiding the light (calling you),” yet another pair of tracks to get us excited for Not Phony. In the same vein, the Torreon Coahuila native released these songs in a set via his Bandcamp, one in Spanish, the other in English; one a folkier jam, the other a dreamscape reminiscent of Beach House (and don’t worry, that’s not your cell phone causing that interference in the intro, it’s in the track!).

Download yet another great two-track set by Apache O’Raspi, “Hostal Simplex (de pared a pared)” and “Guiding Light (calling you).”