On Thursday morning, just moments after posting a dembow-driven Instagram story from inside Las Vegas nightclub Bound Bar, urbano artist Arcángel was arrested in what police are calling a misdemeanor domestic battery.

According to Arcángel’s attorney, Edwin Prado, the singer and his partner had an argument outside the club, which led authorities to arrest Arcángel. The attorney claims the incident was a “misunderstanding” on the police’s part. “His partner refutes everything the police say happened,” Prado said on Puerto Rican TV show Lo Se Todo. “I didn’t talk to Arcángel. I spoke with his partner. She says they had a couple’s argument like always,” he continued.

But law enforcement officials told a much different story. According to TMZ, officials said the singer was caught on video violently kicking an unidentified person outside of Bound Bar at around 3:30 a.m.

Billboard reports that Arcángel paid $2,000 in bail and was released from custody. He was not slated to perform at the Latin Billboard Award ceremony on Thursday night.

Remezcla will update this post as more information becomes available.