While plenty of us have been blessed with mariachis for our birthdays or other special occasions, Ariana Grande probably isn’t acquainted with the joys of a mariachi turn up – until now, that is. On Thursday evening, two of the singer’s close friends hired a mariachi band to surprise her with a traditional serenata. Victoria Monét and Tayla Parx, two of Grande’s friends and co-writers of her new single “thank u, next,” were the masterminds behind the surprise, which was intended as a celebration of the song’s continued success since its release last weekend. According to Twitter, friends Alfredo Flores and Doug Middlebrook were also present.

The band even put a mariachi spin on “thank u, next,” which makes this anthem of self-awareness and personal growth a true slapper. On Twitter, the ponytailed pop star said it’s the “nicest thing anyone’s ever done” for her.

Watch a clip and check out photos below: