Video: Astro – "Colombo"

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Astro is exactly where we imagined they’d be. The Chilean scruffy foursome proved their name worthy; in astronomical and astrological essence, if you will. They’ve outshone their sound-production and stellar-like fixations that elapsed into neo primitive settings, and yep, we’re still pretty impressed. The synthpop quartet pranced around our ears and minds and sparked curiosities into an existence of pristine realities. Their videos, like this one here, projects gem-enthusiasts, mind-readers, and humans on some sort of otherworldly quest. Here, “Colombo” projects the unknown, natural, and mystique. Interestingly, the three mustached musicians appear underneath their thawbs, but no where do I seem to spot frontman Andres Nusser.

We hope to see the four guys performing in the U.S. pretty soon again, but for now, enjoy their second video/single off Astro’s self-titled sophomore below:

[insert-video youtube=oSkbQSPvJcs]

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Download Astro’s self-titled album below: