Free Download: Astro's "Maestro Distorsion"

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Astro is exactly what you would expect, but then nothing at all what you might imagine. The name is worthy. The scrappy foursome is a collective of space cadets, completely in tune to sound-producing machines and stellar-like fixations. You get the sense that maybe they’ve watched 2001: A Space Odyssey one too many times. And so it translates into their music: this astrological, astronomical, anatomical quality. But it’s done in such a sensitive, unexpected way. People might liken them to an MGMT or Passion Pit because of their penchant for computer production and pop outlook, but Astro is more than just a Chilean carbon copy. Even lead singer Andrés Nusser’s chillón vocal style—which he gained by indulging in way too much Jane’s Addiction—throws you a curve ball. You’re 100 percent sure you’re listening to a woman. And then you see pictures. And then you see all his hair and his man qualities. And then you question your ears. But the questioning is the fun part.

On their debut EP Le Disc de Astrou, the Santiago-based band (comprised of Andrés, Octavio, and Lego and Zeta Moustache) toys with sci-fi core and whim, with enough pleasant contrasts to become one of our favorite bands as of late.  It’s like combining the things that used to make MGMT good (pre recent album atrocity) with a dash of Juan Son’s vocal flamboyance. In the standout track “Maestro Distorsion” (free MP3 below!), you hear everything Astro is about, and according to Andrés, Astro is about friends, animals, abnormal situations, and the super natural, all professed through imagination.

Don’t count on seeing them any time soon. Astro won’t be landing in the U.S. in the near future. Instead we have their full-length debut to look forward to, the tentatively-titled Mahoma y Su Montaña, coming out some time in September.

Download Astro’s “Maestro Distorsion” for FREE below and profess the Astro gospel to all who seek a welcome light in the currently dim Latin music scene.

Watch this video for proof of Andrés’ gender:

Photos by Diego Maldonado.