Video: Astro – "Panda" (Explicit)

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Last night was a shocking and titillating moment for Astro fans. Our favorite synthpop Chilean group released its third (controversial) video off their raved-about 2011 self-titled album. Minutes after being published, it was immediately banned from YouTube. You may question: What could the adorable four-piece band do or have featured to get censored from the video-sharing site? Well, as it leaked now, let it be known that they may not be so innocent anymore after you view this. The video for “Panda,” which shouts “Panda” throughout the track, shows LOTS of asses, not pandas, guys. Big asses. Hairy asses. Nice firm asses. Celulite asses. Tattooed asses. Asses all around, asses in your face. Yes, as you start to view the video, you’re introduced to all of these anonymous nalgas, but one wouldn’t suspect to get familiar (SPOILER ALERT!) with one of the band-member’s, Octavio Cavieres’ own pair of butt cheeks.

[insert-video vimeo=59057950]

Download Astro’s “Panda” below: