Aterciopelados' Andrea Echeverri Goes Solo…Again

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In between 2001’s Gozo Poderoso and 2006’s Oye, AterciopeladosAndrea Echeverri and Héctor Buitrago took a long break and released their first two separate solo projects. When they came back from their break, the Colombian duo, after experimenting with electronic music for their previous two albums, mutated back into a proper rock band, more similar to the original formation of the group.

Two Aterciopelados albums later (Río was the latest one in 2008), it seems like the story is about to be repeated. Echeverri recently announced she’s almost done with her new solo album, to be titled Andrea Echeverri 2 (no release date yet), while Buitrago is running a little bit behind, but is also working on his sequel to 2006’s Conector.

Can we expect another change of directions for Aterciopelados after these two new solo albums? “Most definitely,” Echeverri told us in a recent interview during the group’s current US tour. “It’s not just about taking a vacation from Aterciopelados, it’s more about looking into different directions and exploring your own self. You need time for that. This type of side project always bring new air and opens up new spaces.”

So what can we expect from Echeverri’s upcoming album? “No guests. I did it all on my own. I played all the instruments and I was involved throughout the whole project even in the production and mixing, areas where I had very little experience. So I learned a lot.”

Aterciopelados‘ female half also hinted that the content will be very related to her own childhood and her children’s (her solo debut was heavily influenced by her pregnancy and her first experience with motherhood). “There will be some folk songs that my mom used to sing to me as a child and also a cover of a song that was a huge success when I was a kid. Me and my sister used to play pretending we were singers and we would sing that song all the time. Now I need to find out who the author was…”


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