Aventura abandoning bachata?!

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This could be catastrophic. Bachata behemoths Aventura, in a recent interview with Gannett, mentioned that they might move on from the style they’ve become synonymous with: bachata!

Fans had been wondering if their recent album, the oddly titled “The Last,” (which featured collaborations with Ludacris and Wyclef Jean) was in fact their last, but members of Aventura simply said that it was their last strictly bachata album. “(It’s) the last album of us doing all these bachata tracks. Now we’ll put in more urban, more Americanized rhythms,” said Dominican lady lover Anthony “Romeo” Santos.

“We’re going to try and experiment with some of the other genres we’ve had success at, because we’ve done songs in reggaeton and songs with more of an urban side,” Romeo said to Gannett. “We’ll still have our bachata, that’s what brought us here, but we want to try and break in with all these English-speaking people in the U.S.”

Will this alienate loyal Aventureros? Will Aventura become the next U.S. sensation? Will they be the next B2K or some other painful hybrid of urban boy band? All pressing questions!

Watch below what made them so loved, so apreciados, so Aventura!