Listen to Azealia Banks Rap in Spanish Like a Dominican (Almost)

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Back in 2012, you couldn’t hit 2am at a party without hearing rapper Azealia Banks’ bratty, catchy-as-hell ‘212’  – perhaps the only track in recent memory to have entire dance floors of people gleefully screaming “IMMA RUIN YOU CUNT.”

With everybody hailing her as the next big thing, expectations for her debut major label album (initially slated for a September 2012 release) were high. Instead, she spent the better part of the last two years getting press for dumb Twitter beefs, while her deal with Interscope soured and people lost interest.

But Banks is back. This month, finally freed from her Interscope deal, she abruptly self-released her first full album Broke with Expensive Taste. It’s already earning great reviews for its “confidence, class, brilliance, and personality.” (via Spin).

The whole thing is great, but a stand out surprise for us is “Gimme a Chance,” a track that launches into a smooth merengue beat halfway through, with Banks rapping in near-perfect Spanish while background singers croon “Mira como baila la nena morena.”

According to Banks, she learned Spanish from her Dominican babysitter (as well as how to cook several Dominican dishes). Listen to the track below: