Babasonicos' Top 5 Most Stylish Moments

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Babasonicos frontman Adrián Dargelos has claimed that when he takes the stage for live performances an alter ego takes over his body, allowing him to dress up, get out of control, and provide a unique live experience every time. Over the two decades that Babasonicos has existed, we’ve seen them channel various styles, either on stage or in the image they project with every record they release. No doubt they’ll be a sight on stage tonight at Heineken Inspire’s MezclaSonic Tour in Los Angeles. So below is our Top 5 most fashion-forward (or questionably fashionable, depending on what drug you’re on) Babasonicos moments.


Symmetrical Preppy

Vests and tight pants but without leaving behind their magic touch– the boots and geometrical theme for their clothing sets them apart from the average stylish preppy kid.

Psychedelic Grunge

From the early, more disheveled Babasonicos, we see a little bit of everything in this picture but the colors and the hair all point to psychedelia and negligence.

Clean Cut

Most recently we have seen the band move away from flashy clothing and opt for a more clean, put-together look, and it still works for them because dull and ordinary are not in the Babasonicos cards.


Who knows what inspired this green look, but I salute the precautionary measures taken just in case they end up stranded in the wild. Granted, they look like members of Charles Manson’s cult, but even THAT they make look cool.

The Rainbow Look

This cornucopia of prints and colors could only look good on a band that translates the same mélange of styles into their music successfully. The color, the hat, the boots– they all make it difficult to associate the style with a specific era, so let’s just call it unique.


Catch Babasonicos and the Heineken MezclaSonic DJs (Mexican Institute of Sound, Nacotheque, and D’marquesina) in LA on August 27th as part of the Heineken Inspire MezclaSonic Summer Tour. Click HERE for more info on how to get tickets, which cover entrance, music, food, beer, Heineken taste testing, gaming area, t-shirt silk screenings, and más!