Babasónicos Opens Secret Vault (rare new album!!)

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Back in 2001, Babasónicos released Jessico, an album that’s widely considered one of the best modern works of Latin Alternative music, worldwide. Jessico marked a big shift in the career of the Argentine rockers who had survived most of the previous decade as a cult band for the elite of connoisseurs in Buenos Aires’ underground. They suddenly became successful internationally and got mainstream airplay. That game-changing album was later followed by equally successful and equally critically acclaimed recordings, but none managed to overshadow the mythological status of Jessico.

Eleven years later, Babasónicos decided to revisit the hidden files from that era and discovered a bunch of tracks recorded during Jessico‘s sessions that never made it to that album (or any of their following releases). Carolo is how they titled that collection of discarded songs, following Jessico‘s formula of masculinizing a common girl’s name.

Babasónicos say this is not going to be an official album of their discography (joining other legendary self-bootlegs like Groncho, Vórtice Marxista and Babasónica Electrónica) but it’s not a collection of B-sides either. It’s a companion to Jessico, to help appreciate their masterpiece as a whole, in context.

So far only one track out of the eleven comprising Carolo has been made public and it’s titled “Los Hippies.” We can’t contain our excitement to listen to the rest.

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