Listen: Babasónicos' "Deshoras" (NEW)

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A new one by Babasónicos has surfaced the net. “Deshoras” will be the first single off their next album, A Propósito, and was briefly available for download on their Web site and now it’s creating blog buzz and gathering momentum for the upcoming release.

“Deshoras” is at first listen a typical Babasónicos love/hate mellow ballad, befitting their post-Jessico phase (think “Putita” and “Las Demás“) and offers few clues to the direction the new album will be taking—unless that direction is to keep repeating the successful formula from their previous three albums. But after their last album, Mucho (2009), and the death of their former bass player Gabo Manelli (now officially replaced by Carca, who took over that role during Mucho’s touring), much has been speculated about the beginning of a new era in the ever-mutating Babasónicos career. We’ll have to wait for the full album to leak.

The band’s official Web site only offers a behind-the-scenes video of the recording of this song, where we see Diego Uma singing “Laura, Laura” through a vocoder while playing guitar. We guess that’s the name of the girl that made the songwriter (presumably his promiscuous brother Adrián) “sick to the point of hating you while smiling, at the same time.”

Listen to an advance of Babasónicos’ new album A Propósito, “Deshoras.”