Update Wednesday January 8th, 1:30 p.m. ET:

Even though the album did not drop as many hoped, Bad Bunny did confirm on Wednesday afternoon that if given the chance, he would wrap up production on the album by end of day. When a fan asked about the album on his Twitter on Wednesday morning, Benito replied “The Album???!!!!!! I will finish the album today if God, tectonic plates and @AEEONLINE (Puerto Rico’s Energy Authority) allow it.”



If you’re following Bad Bunny on social media, you probably already know that the 25-year-old star has been not-so-casually teasing us for days about new music; hopefully, his forthcoming album. On Twitter, our boy Benito started dropping hints during the last week of December — and he hasn’t stopped in 2020. His latest tweets follow the same pattern as the clues he gave us ahead of the release for his latest music video for “¿Quién Tu Eres?” with none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin, so if we’re judging by that trajectory, we don’t think he’s riling up all of this attention for nothing.

But the question becomes: When is the new album coming? He’s yet to give us as straightforward a hint as last month’s “mañana te digo,” yet we may not need it. Fans seem to have already found an answer after some serious theorizing.

Here’s what we do know: Bad Bunny calls himself “El rey del trap,” right? Now, some digging led us to remember that in November, Benito created a painting for charity. What does that have to do with el rey del trap, you ask? Well, his painting contained three other very important reyes, a.k.a. The Three Kings. While it very well could’ve just been an attempt for the Boricua to make a Christmas-themed work of art, there’s a possibility that this was actually a hint all along. Because guess what today is: Día de los Reyes!

So is it possible that a new Bad Bunny album is dropping tonight? Even though Bad Bunny keeps playing with us, dique “yo nunca dije eso,” fans sure seem to think so. We’re not the only ones making the connection:

It really is too perfect. Bad Bunny gave us X100Pre on Nochebuena in 2018; what’s stopping him from rounding out the Christmas season on Día de los Reyes this year? We’ll be waiting, though we’ll refrain from holding our breath.