Bad Bunny Announces New Tour After Impressive WrestleMania Performance

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Bad Bunny
Courtesy of Bad Bunny
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A day after Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny scored a win with tag team partner Damian Priest on the first night of WrestleMania 37 Saturday (April 10), the “La Noche de Anoche” singer announced an upcoming 2022 tour, El Último Tour Del Mundo, named after the album he released last year.

News of the tour came Sunday night (April 11) with the release of a video online featuring WWE superstar Triple H congratulating Bad Bunny for his extraordinary wrestling debut. He then tells him, “But now, it’s time for you to do what you do” before handing him an industrial plastic case. Inside the case: a skull-shaped microphone.

Speaking of skulls, Bad Bunny did a little damage to the heads of a couple of wrestlers when he and Priest beat The Miz and John Morrison Saturday night. Celebrity cameos during huge WWE events like WrestleMania aren’t anything new, but very few celebrities actually get into the ring to fight. Even more rare is a celebrity who takes the role so seriously, he ends up impressing wrestling fans that don’t even like it when the WWE includes celebrities in the storylines.

Some called it the best performance by a celebrity in WWE history.

Look at this crazy piledriver Bad Bunny executed outside the ring.

Also, look at this suplex Bad Bunny landed. Then, he flew off the top rope and onto The Miz and Morrison with full force. It was a cool way to show us his, um, hops.

OK, so maybe Bad Bunny won’t be the next WWE Universal Champion. And maybe he’s going to be sore for the rest of April. But he does have a whole 10 months to heal up before he takes the big rig on the road to do what he does best.

Tickets for the 2022 El Último Tour Del Mundo Tour go on sale April 16. The 25-city tour starts February 9 in Denver and ends April 1 in Miami.