Is There a Rap Beef Brewing Between Bad Bunny & Anuel AA?

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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There are few traditions in hip-hop more time-honored than rap beef. The world of urbano is no exception to this reality. Even just in recent months, we’ve seen traperos threw shade at Maluma by simply stating “Nunca flow Maluma, siempre real, G.”

But a less time-honored, murkier tradition comes in the form of the fake rap beef. One of the first (or at least most highly-publicized) examples of this came in 2007 when Kanye West and 50 Cent publicly started a feud leading up to the release of their respective albums, Curtis and Graduation – both loudly claiming they would outsell the other. We all know how that ended. (Just in case you don’t, Kanye won, by about 300,000 units in his first week.)

And now, it seems as though another stunt, er, beef is brewing between two undisputed heavyweights of Latin trap, Bad Bunny and Anuel AA. On Monday AA posted a video of himself knee-deep in a field of snow, asserting that if one were to Google “El dios de trap,” he’d be the first to come up. Then on Tuesday, El Conejo Malo took to his stories to assert that if one were to Google “El rey del trap,” he’d be the first result.

Many on the internet took this as the possibility that shots were fired, with various outlets posting about it, including Puerto Rican radio host Molusco directly asking if shots were being fired.

But a seemingly more obvious answer comes from the differentiation of their self-proclaimed titles, coupled with the fact that Bad Bunny’s video had a new, unidentified song playing in the background. Could there be a collaboration between the two coming – a one-off version of Watch The Throne perhaps? We can only wait to see, but we’d place our bets on a much more amicable (and profitable) outcome to all of this.