Bad Bunny Calls on Puerto Rican Governor Not to Sign ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill That Critics Say Will Allow LGBTQ Discrimination

Lead Photo: Photo by Supakid for Remezcla
Photo by Supakid for Remezcla
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Bad Bunny has been pretty outspoken when it comes to Puerto Rican politics. Back in January, he and Residente broadcasted themselves trying to get into Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s office to talk about crime on the island. The two artists eventually had a sit down with the politician, but Bad Bunny is still pushing him to do more in Puerto Rico – and on Thursday, he made it clear that he really needs to see more leadership from Rosselló.

In a now-deleted post, Bad Bunny took to Instagram in an effort to get Rosselló to reconsider a new law in Puerto Rico that would allow employees of public agencies to refuse service to citizens because of their religious beliefs. The law is a massive blow to the LGBTQ community, and Bad Bunny called it out by posting a short clip of himself singing the outro of “Caro” – a song that is all about embracing who you really are.

“While we ‘bad guys’ do our best to unite people and spread a message of respect and tolerance, the rulers of my country do the opposite. We can’t take steps backwards, NEVER! @ricardorossello you prepare excellent coffee, I know that you can still make an excellent decision,” Bad Bunny wrote on Instagram, likely referring to the meeting in Rosselló’s office not too long ago.

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Bad Bunny isn’t the only person who is against the law. Ricky Martin, Residente, and Kany Garcia have all expressed their frustration the Puerto Rican government and made it clear that they stand with the LGBTQ community.

It seems the pressure from various sources worked, as Rosselló took to Twitter to announce his reconsideration.