Bad Bunny Leaps Over Daddy Yankee as Latine Artist with Most YouTube Subscribers

Lead Photo: Photo by STILLZ. Courtesy of the Artist.
Photo by STILLZ. Courtesy of the Artist.
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Bad Bunny just surpassed fellow rapper, Daddy Yankee, to become the Latine musician with the most YouTube subscribers. Currently, Bad Bunny boasts 35.5 million subscribers and comes in at No. 14 among all the top artists, while Daddy Yankee is at 34.5 million and at No. 16.

Other Latine musicians in the top 30 are Shakira at No. 18 (33.9 million), Ozuna at No. 19 (33.8 million), Bruno Mars at No. 20 at (32.8 million), J Balvin at No. 21 (31.9 million), Luis Fonsi at No. 22 (29.9 million), Selena Gomez at No. 23 (29.7 million), Maluma at No. 25 (27.6 million) and Karol G at No. 30 (24.1 million). At the No. 1 spot is the Korean girl group Blackpink with 65.5 million subscribers.

Last year, Bad Bunny became the fifth-fastest musician to reach 30 million YouTube subscribers. He reached the feat in six years and five months. Only Blackpink, Marshmello, Ozuna, and XXXTentacion did it faster.

Bad Bunny’s YouTube game isn’t the only social media platform fans are flocking to. He also has 47.5 million listeners on Spotify, 35 million followers on Instagram, 11 million on Facebook, and 3.3 million on Twitter. Can you say, “Conejito popular?”

In only three months, Bad Bunny’s official “Yonaguni” music video has racked up over 338 million views alone. In six months, “La Noche de Anoche” featuring him and Rosalía has received over 396 million views.

It’s only a matter of time before el conejo malo catches One Direction (36.2 million) for the No. 13 spot.