Bad Bunny & Joan Smalls’ Vogue Mexico Shoot Broke the Internet, Because *DIABLO*

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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It would have been considerate of Vogue Mexico to give the world a heads up about its cover shoot featuring Bad Bunny and supermodel Joan Smalls. But how would we have prepared ourselves for this? Released yesterday, the images are a stunning surprise, as neither celeb has ever publicly mentioned the other. It’s an unprecedented pairing, these two majorly beautiful Puerto Ricans in one shoot. Nobody expected this. And everyone’s freaking out.


It seems bisexuals (and pansexuals too, says me) have been struck most intensely, though.


The images themselves aren’t exactly masterworks of photography. The styling isn’t especially unique, either. But do these “meh” factors matter? No. They do not.


And do not skip on the clip of the two in discussion: Watching two people so good-looking, so good-natured yet with such prowess in their respective industries, is fascinating.

Maybe Vogue Mexico intentionally kept the shoot concept simple. Bad Bunny and Joan Smalls together is mind blowing already—could we handle extraordinary aesthetics, too? This far into the isolation of quarantine, anything more might have been too much.