Did Bad Bunny Just Tease A New Song?

Lead Photo: Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic
Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic
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We know there’s no stopping Bad Bunny – but could it be that he’s already teasing new music while taking a vacation at the same time? Fans are currently speculating that he’s hinting at a new song based on a new TikTok that the superstar artist uploaded yesterday (April 15).


sorry, pero me las merecía… ❤️🌊☀️

♬ original sound – Bad Bunny

“Sorry, but I deserved it…” the “Safaera” artist captioned on the 23-second video that accumulated over 2 million likes in the first few hours. The clip’s audio features the artist singing the lyrics: “Me fui de vacaciones con mucha cerveza y canciones / Un shot por la pana amistades y por las bendiciones / Y si un día se pone feo, tu me lo haces bonito / Ya no pido mas deseo, tengo todo lo que necesito,” on top of a reggae-feeling beat. 

The TikTok features clips of Bad Bunny enjoying his vacation time after wrapping up his El Último Tour Del Mundo, which crowned him the highest-grossing tour by a Latine artist. He had posted before that he would reveal his upcoming album’s release date after the tour ended – but he has yet to do so. Instead, he has given us an intimate sneak peek at his downtime, featuring short clips of him relaxing on the beachside, in a boat with a beer, taking a shot with his friends; other clips showed him spending time with his dog and girlfriend, as well as him even getting a tattoo.

A Twitter user comments: “I just watched Bad Bunny’s TikTok on his vacation, and all I can think was: BAD BUNNY ANNOUNCE [THE] DATE!”

Another Twitter user asks: “Did Bad Bunny give us a preview on that TikTok?”

Whether or not that was an actual song preview, one thing is sure: Bad Bunny’s fans are more than ready to start the countdown to his new album. What type of music will the new album experiment with? Will it be more beachside, reggae-ish like this potential tease? Also – will he release his first single on Easter Sunday? We know that the two-time Grammy winner is known to release music during holidays… and a holiday with bunnies seems to make sense.